Dog Walking in Oakland & Alameda California

You’re busy, let us do the walking! Your dog gets to romp, play, and goof off with friends, you get to come home to a relaxed and happy dog!

Dogs aren’t that different from us: they love to socialize, sightsee, and run around outside! Staying in the house all day can cause them to bottle up unused energy. That excess energy can cause them to chew things they shouldn’t, hound their owners and visitors, bark a lot, have indoor accidents, and even become depressed.

Let us give you peace of mind and your dog an outlet for all that energy!

We offer group hikes and private walks to suit your dog’s needs. Whatever the dog-venture, we will bring you home a calm, happy, and relaxed best friend!

We start with a meet and greet at your residence so we can get to know your pup and together we can determine the best option for you and your dog – whether it be a group trail hike or a private walk.

Two golden retriever dogs are sitting in forest.

Group Trail Hikes

Sometimes you don’t have time during your busy day to care for and provide the exercise and mental stimulation your dog needs. We help take the stress away from work responsibilities by being there for you and your best friend.

We carefully screen each hike participant to ensure group adventures are going to be fun and enjoyable for your dog. It’s important to us that they get to hang out with a regular pack and are able to socialize in a relaxed setting. Whether we go to a park, trail, or beach, your buddy will get to run, play, fetch, and have a great time with his or her pals. We do everything to insure your dog has a good time and returns healthy and happy!

Daily outings s

Daily Outings

Your pup’s day begins with us picking them up, along with a group of their friends, and then heading out for an adventure! Our entire escapade lasts a few hours and your dog will always be within eyesight! Our experience with canine behavior helps us to anticipate the reactions of other dogs outside the pack. We will intervene when necessary, but we will also make sure your pup gets a chance to play and run and do whatever makes them feel comfortable in a safe and secure manner.

Your dog will spend time in a group perusing the beautiful areas of the East Bay Regional Park District or the wonderful neighborhoods on the island of Alameda. We try to vary their playtime to keep their daily lives as interesting as possible, so sometimes we go to other places like larger parks in Oakland or San Leandro and shoreline visits to places like the Albany Bulb or Point Isabel to play in the water! They will benefit from the many smells, sights, sounds, and tastes that the world has to offer.

When the adventure is over for the day we load them back into our vehicle and bring them back to your home happy, refreshed, and tired! You come home to a calmer, more relaxed friend!

You can have peace of mind knowing that we are there to give them the genuine love, attention, exercise, and social interaction that they deserve. And we’ll provide professional feedback on how your pet is doing, because a healthy dog is a happy dog!

private walks s

Private Walks

Some dogs prefer a private walk with a friend. If your pup finds group outings stressful or that just won’t fit into their lifestyle, we also offer one-on-one private walks! We still make sure they enjoy the experience and take time to sit with them, gettinng to know their personalities and what they enjoy doing while we’re together. We also use the opportunity to reinforce leash walk etiquette and basic doggy manners.

If it’s ok with them we will sometimes add a dog to the one-on-one experience. We try to aid in their therapy and attempt to instill confidence in them by having a friend (or sometimes two) join in the fun of a neighborhood stroll or other type of individual outing. We carefully evaluate and examine whether this new experience is acceptable to your pup. We gently encourage your dog to meet a new friend in a quiet area outside their home in a neutral setting. We observe their reactions and behaviors in relation to the new dog and determine whether or not to proceed with the walk based on that evaluation. We want your pup to feel safe and confident with us and will go the extra mile to ensure their time with us is fun!

Prices For Services

Dog walking

Single dogs: $27.50/visit

Two dogs: $47.50/visit

Each additional dog: $10


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