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Lake Merrit and Happy Dogs

What exactly is a "trail walk" and will my dog really enjoy it?

A trail walk is exactly what the name implies. We walk the Oakland hills and your dog will have a wonderful time communing with nature and meeting other animals along the way.

Do you care for "exotic" pets?

No, sorry, I'm not set up to handle exotics. Dogs, cats, and birds are about as "exotic" as it gets!

If my animal gets sick or injured will you take her to the vets?

Of course. Your pet will be well cared for even in the event of an emergency. It would be a good idea to notify your vet, that in the event of an emergency we are authorized to bring your animal in for care.

Will my dog be playing with other dogs?

Yes, your dog, unless specifically stated, will be in a group of other dogs on playdates and walks. This will help socialize your dog and get him/her comfortable in a group setting.

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